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Welcome Class of 2016!

The GBANS board would like to officially welcome the incoming class of 2016 to GBCN.

We are looking forward to getting to know you all.

Good luck to everyone this semester!

NSNA Convention RECAP!

NSNA Convention –2014


As students from all over the country assembled together at the Opryland Hotel,we were received with NCLEX reviews,workshops,focus sessions,as well as schools and employers from all over.  With all that was going on and all of the resources that were offered,it is safe to say that GBANS,as well as students from all over the United States,had a wonderful time at the NSNA Annual Convention in Nashville,TN! A few highlights from the convention:


GBCN news

  • Congratulations to Craig Reuscher and Rebeka Rivera,juniors here at GBCN,on earning their positions on the 2014-2015 NSNA Board of Directors! Rebeka Rivera is the newly elected Secretary/Treasurer,and Craig Reuscher is the new South District Director.

  • Junior Sakina Mahama,who also serves as the BTN Director for GANS,was the winner of the state BTN award! Congratulations

  • Guess what? NSNA is “IN SUPPORT OF HOSPITALS ADOPTING ESTABLISHED POLICIES AND PROCEDURES FOR PATIENTS THAT HAVE BEEN SUBJECTED TO HUMAN TRAFFICKING”,which is resolution that was submitted by GANS members Kaitlin Chance and Lady Mendez. Kaitlin Chance is a junior here at GBCN and we are proud of all her hard work!

Other News

  • Valerie Wellman,junior at Georgia Regents University,was elected to the position of NEC South

  • GANS was also awarded the following recognitions:NSNA State Excellence Award – Group 5,Disaster Preparedness award,and the Breakthrough to Nursing award.

  • Kennesaw State University received recognition as a Stellar School Chapter!

  • Emory University student,Asma Agad,was one of 3 winners of the International Photo contest

Again,congratulations to all,and special thanks to the entire faculty for their guidance,leadership,and continued support.

Don’t miss out on another amazing opportunity for networking and education next year,this time in Phoenix,AZ!


Until next time,

GBANS BoardCraig and Instructors Opening Ceremony Photo 10246556_10152027600982864_6184484750558388124_n South Caucus Photo Rebeka and instructors

Letter from the President!

Come one,come all,as you are invited to enrich your nursing educational experience with Georgia Baptist Association of Nursing Students!

GBANS is Georgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer University’s student organization that is dedicated to community service,professional involvement,and lasting friendships. There are a variety of opportunities for our students to participate in rewarding and educational community service projects throughout the year. We are also proud of our students’ involvement and representation in the Georgia Association of Nursing Students (GANS) and the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) through which we get to travel to their respective conventions all over the country! There is no better way to bond with your peers than by learning and laughing together.

How can you get involved? Easy! All of the GBCN students are members of GBANS and NSNA through tuition payment. You’ll be amazed how much fun nursing school can be when you join in our positive energy!

If you have any questions or are seeking a friendly face,get in touch with any of us! I am so excited to meet you and include you as the valuable person you are during my term as President!


Carissa Brozino

GBANS President. 2013-10-18 15.15.56 (2)

Congratulations to the new GBANS Board of Directors for 2014 –2015!

Here are the winners!

President:Carissa Brozino
First Vice President –Leah White
Second Vice President –Meredith Thomspon
Secretary- Rebeka Rivera
Treasurer- Randall Mummert
Fundraising- Susanna Varlan and Kristen Boyle
Community- Anna Wooten and Sara Schaper
SGA Representative –Kelly Dotson
Membership Involvement- Stephanie Apollo
Breakthrough to Nursing -Jennifer Sorrell
Legislative- Matt Schafer and Amber Stewart
NEC- Patrick Haynes
Public Relations –Sakina Mahama
Senior Representative- Lorrie Davis

Candidates for GBANS Board of Directors 2014 –2015

Here is a list of candidates and their biographies for the 2014-2015 GBANS Board of Directors elections! Please download and review their information. These candidates have worked hard on their campaigns.

Speeches from these candidates will be March 17, 2014 from 12:00 to 1:00 pm in 314 of the nursing building.

(Powerpoint file)

“A Brush With Kindness”

GBANS recently participated in an event working with Habitat for Humanity. On February 22, 15 senior students helped at a Dekalb county resident home by painting the front porch and siding of the entire house with some furniture.

Great job, GBANS!

hfh 1     hfh 2  hfh 3  hfh 4   hfh 5     hfh 6 

1/13/14 Member Meeting –CHOA &Resumes

Come join GBANS on Monday,1/13/14 and learn about the essentials of resumes and career fairs. Representatives from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta will be going over what they like to see on resumes and the essentials of creating a resume for a job in nursing. They will also discuss professionalism and how to approach a career fair which will be helpful for the GBANS Career Fair on February 11.

Student Perspectives:Honduras Mission Trip by Holly Johnson

honduras mission trip

Written by: Holly Johnson

Have you ever wanted to go on a mission trip but didn’t really know what it entailed?  Here is  the story of my first medical mission trip to Honduras. It changed my life!

The flight into Honduras from Atlanta wasn’t too long at all.  The group of volunteers was filled with adrenaline as we stepped off the plane.  It wasn’t difficult to manage the small airport and customs let us through without any issues. Immediately, we were aware that we were in a Spanish speaking world.  Customs emptied out into a food court and our host told us to grab something. Because none of us felt confident, we all opted for the only familiar restaurant there, Wendy’s! From there,our host exchanges currency for us. Then, it was time to load up on the bus for the three hour bus ride into the mountains. (It is only an hour and a half trip really, but the roads are so full of potholes, it takes 3 hours.)  This is where two things happen. One,you realize there is no air on the bus. Two, you lower the window and let your ego go. You are not at home. Honduras is a place where bare minimum is a way of life. No whining is allowed.

As we looked out the windows on our way up the mountains, we are all in awe. Lush,tropical mountainsides covered in coffee plants are everywhere. Beautiful flowers dot the landscape. Cowboys on horseback and longhorn cattle were common too. People knew the mission group and recognized our bus. We got many waves during the bus trip. It was nice to feel welcome.

We arrive at our very nice hotel covered in road dust. The hotel doors open up to a courtyard complete with lush foliage and turtles!  We are assigned to our rooms.  By Honduran standards, we are staying in luxury. The hotel has bottled water,air conditioning,and a French chef! We are free for the night and take the opportunity to venture out.

Sunday-we are split into groups. One group goes to the medical camp site to set up. The other group is taken to the mission’s offices to sort prescriptions and eyeglasses. We work for several hours and then head back to the hotel.

Monday-Thursday-we are out of the hotel by 7:00AM and on the way to the medical site. We are told what our assigned roles are. Assignments are registration, traffic control, intake (vitals), parasite table, triage, doctor’s assistants, or pharmacy. We arrive and are greeted by hired military guards with machine guns. The line of patients was already waiting even though we did not begin for another hour. We serve more than 200 people a day. We play with the children by blowing up latex gloves into balloons. We work hard and only take 15 minutes for lunch. We sweat like we’ve never sweat before. We drink Gatorade and water constantly. And,we are hugged and thanked a million times. We see things that break our heart. We also save lives. For example,we saw several people who had blood sugars above 400 but never knew they had diabetes. We saw infected wounds. We saw ears so impacted that people had hearing loss. We caught heart murmurs. We treated endless numbers of children with fungal infections so bad it caused scarring. We gave antibiotics, fungal cream, insulin, vitamins, Tylenol, and cough syrup away by the dozens. None of the patients complained about the long wait. None of them cared about the fact that the only privacy they had was a thin sheet “wall” separating them from everyone else. There is no HIPPA here. If we didn’t have what they needed, they still hugged us and told us we were sent by God. It was extremely humbling. It was also the most amazing feeling to know that we truly made a difference.

Friday is a day of rest and fun. We headed out to the Mayan Ruins and zip lining. There were so many things to see. Beautiful country. Even though we were all exhausted, we really enjoyed the day. We also had a chance to barter at the market and took a million pictures. We cram as much as we can into the day. We know we have to leave for the airport at 6:00 in the morning. It was a whirlwind of a week.

I loved the experience so much, I stayed for two more weeks and joined two other medical groups. It gave me the chance to meet more Hondurans and go into town. I caught a soccer game and a basketball game. I played with probably 100 children. I can’t wait to go back in June of 2014 for round two. Honduras has a place in my heart now! I hope you can take a week sometime and go on a mission trip. You’ll be changed forever too. :)

Letter from the President

Welcome to Georgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer University and welcome to Georgia Baptist Association of Nursing Students, also known as GBANS!

GBANS  is a student organization that provides nursing students at our school with the opportunity to get involved in the professional organizations of nursing,  including the Georgia Association of Nursing Students (GANS) and the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA). As an organization,GBANS  provides outlets for students  to get involved  through community service projects and outreach,legislative activities, interdisciplinary events,  and educational actvities.

As a student at GBCN, you are already a member of GBANS as our school  holds a full-enrollement policy and dues are including in the tuition payment. This being said, I look forward to seeing you all getting involved in our school’s Student Nursing Assocation!

Please contact myself, or any member of the board if you have any questions about getting involved!

I look forward to serving as your GBANS President and meeting you in person!


Ali Gauger

GBANS President

ali 1

Mercer PA Creepy Crawly 5K






The Mercer Physician Assistant Program has partnered with Good Samaritan Health Center and has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for the under-served members of our local family in need of quality low cost health care. Join them October 26,2013 and contribute to the future of someone in need.

Proceeds to benefit Good Samaritan Health Center of Gwinnett to aid in their continuing mission to provide low cost health care to the uninsured and underinsured in the Atlanta area. The race is open to all ages and COSTUMES ARE ENCOURAGED!

Race day registration is open from 6:30 am to 7:45 am. First 150 registered participants will receive a race commemorative T-shirt. Check out all the prizes here.


Before Race Day:

The Mercer University Physical Therapy Program will be hosting a FREE running and footwear analysis on Tuesday, October 22nd. Please join us outside the MAC from 12:00-1:00 pm.

Race Day:

The Mercer University Pharmacy and Physical Therapy Programs will be offering additional services on Saturday,October 26th.

Mercer Orthopedic Residents and the Physical Therapy Program will be on site to provide basic screenings, manual therapies, trigger point releases, stretching exercises and patient education.

APhA-ASP and the College of Pharmacy will be offering blood pressure screenings and education about diabetes risks and prevention.

Be The Match!

The Mercer PA Program is hosting Be The Match from 8-10 am. The process is easy and painless (NO BLOOD DONATION!). Please join us in the fight against Blood Cancers! Here is where you can get more information regarding the donation process.

Win Two Hawks Tickets!

Bring canned goods the day of the race for a chance to win 2 tickets to the Atlanta Hawks and support Hosea feed the Hungry! Receive one raffle ticket for every five canned goods donated. Drawing to be held after the race.